Once you have finished writing your work it can be a chore to ensure that all your referencing is done in the proper manner. Different types of sources require different elements and these elements are arranged in a particular way for each type of reference. Further, there are several different referencing styles that you might need to use depending on the course or publication you are writing for. All of these variations can make referencing challenging. Still, there is no need to be afraid of referencing. In this blog I will demonstrate how to reference several books by one author in different years using Harvard referencing style.

Before explaining how to reference several books by one author it is important to know how to reference a single book by an author. This is because the way that we will reference multiple works by one author builds on the way that a single book is referenced.

To reference a single book in Harvard style, you simply state the author’s surname and the year it was published. Like this: (Jones, 2013). If you have already stated the author’s surname in the sentence preceding the reference, then just state the year. Like this: Jones holds that trust is best understood as an affective attitude (2013).

To reference multiple works by one author simple state the author’s surname and the publication years for each of the works you are citing. For example, if I am citing 3 books by Jones, and I have not already stated the author’s name in my sentence, then my reference will look like this: (Jones, 2008; 2010; 2013). If I have stated the author’s surname in the sentence immediately preceding my reference, it will look like this: Jones has done extensive research on the topic of trust (2008; 2010; 2013). When listing the years of the multiple works you are referencing, you should start with the earliest year and work to the most recent year of publication.

One point to note is that, normally, when lists of three or more things are written, we include the word ‘and’ before the last item in the list. For example, “I bought milk, eggs, and ham”. However, when referencing multiple works by one author, you do not need to write ‘and’ before the last year of publication that you are citing. Instead, as in the examples above, just separate each publication year with a semi-colon.

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