It can be easy to mix up allude and elude when writing. They sound quite similar when spoken, and they are not incredibly common words. Still, these two words express completely different things, and should be used appropriately. Word choice may not seem like an important matter, but it can play a significant role in helping your reader grasping what you are trying to say. It is worthwhile to make sure you are using the 'right' words in your writing. The 'right' words are those that are appropriate for what you are trying to express to your reader. In what follows, I will provide a simple breakdown of when allude and elude should be used.

To allude means to make an indirect reference to something. This is in contrast to making a direct, or explicit, reference to something. A direct reference involves specifically stating the thing which you are referring to. An indirect reference involves identifying something that is associated with that which you are referring to. For example, if I am writing a romance novel I might directly express that two of my characters make love. However, I might simply allude to their making love by telling the reader that the characters followed each other into a bedroom and turned off the lights.

To elude means to evade or escape understanding. Put another way: something eludes us if it is difficult for us to understand. For example, one might write that the causes of love elude our comprehension. Or as another example, I might say that the meaning of a poem eludes me.

It is important to use allude and elude correctly. Otherwise, the meaning in your writing may be missed by your readers. And you don't want your allusions to elude your reader's understanding! 

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